How long does it take to write a book?

There are many writers around the world who wrote books. Many of books are still writing by authors.

Many writers also joining the writing field and are getting acquainted with the self publishing world as I write this post for the Veritas Academy. The Writing field is one of the major fields where writer expresses his feelings, emotions and experiences to the audience.

By writing, he can express his love, joy, sadness. While by reading his thoughts, the audience understands that how to handle such situations.

New writers, who are about to write their thoughts in the form of a book, first want to know that how much time it will take to write a book.

The writing time for a book is never the same.

For example, a writer has written ten books. Then, it is sure that he took different time duration to write each book. Even, some pages in 2 books are same but writing time is different. The time duration for writing book depends on the writing style.

The writing style is one of the best ways to express feelings and writer should have to know about writing style. Use different writing style to express feelings innovatively and uniquely so that reader wants to read one story more than one time.

When you are starting your book to write, then you have some dedicated time to give daily to write. It is the concept that you took pen and paper, and start writing that comes to your mind.

You wrote one paragraph, after that, you think and research for a lot of time for writing next paragraph. You read many other books, journals and articles and get the idea to write something innovative.

Many authors are like that they took only for five days to 7 days for writing a book while some say that they have started writing a book two years ago and still it is not completed. The time duration for writing a book also depends on which type of book you are writing.

Many authors are like that they wrote their complete book and read it once. Then, they think it requires some changes and edit.

They again start reading new books and start research so that they can edit the book again. Modification increases time for publishing the book.

Some authors are here whose only aim is to provide quality work, and they are not interested in time. They write one paragraph and read it again if there are some changes requires.

When you wrote some books, you will have more audience. It will be best for you to be in touch with your audience. Connect with them on social media and increase your readership skills.

Suppose, a reader has read your second book, then it is sure that after some time he will also read your first book.

In the last, we only say that there is no specific and fix time duration for writing book. Every writer has his writing style and may face difficulties while writing a book.

If you have fixed that you will complete your book in four weeks or in 6 weeks, then it is sure that either you will take less time or more time.


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