How to become a self published author?

Now, authors are thinking to become self-published so that they can get more name and fame. But, is it possible to become a self-published?

Is it possible for an author to write book or journal in such a way that he can publish it for himself?

If you are the one, who has a dream to become a self-published author, then you must have to know about platforms like Type and Tell, and all the tips, tricks, and strategies to become a famous self-published author.

In last few days, it has seen that self-published authors are getting more popular and the reason is that self-published author differentiates himself from traditional publishing.

If you also want to become successful and famous self-published author, then read, write and educate yourself about writing and publishing market. Some of the tips are discussing here.

Take a look at all tips, and these will be helpful for you publishing book on your own.

Tips For Becoming Self Published Author:

Get a decent cover: lots of readers choose the book by seeing its cover. So, it is good to hire a professional designer that will design a unique look for the cover page. A professional designer will have to design the page so that reader can understand simple things about the book.

Build an identity: when your book is published, and you are interested to know about its readers. It is also sure that you want to know about readers’ reviews for the book, and then you can create your account on social media and connect yourself with readers.

Here, add your photograph, biography and more information about yourself. You can also add information about your upcoming books.

Get to know about best sellers: check about best sellers, and you may also check their previous history. Do not believe what they say, always keep an eye what they do for you.

Be a professional: Don’t be a general author and try to show more professionalism. You have to sell your book but do not put your feet into a well where you did not get anything. You have to be sure that your book is coming into the top rated category of books.

Launch within series: if you have written a book within six months, then publish it first and then write next book. Now, publish your next book and reader will impress you because you have published two books in series. Do not take too much gap in publishing books or do not publish your books frequently.

Never stop writing: make sure readers are in touch with you so do not stop creating your creativity which is unique. If you are away from readers, then there may be some gap between you and readers. So, always try to write unique and creative information so that readers want to hear you more and more.

Launch your book on the e-published store: Amazon Kindle is one of the best places where you can publish your book easily. These days, readers are interested to read the book in ebook form.

Follow all tips which are given above, and it is sure that you will get best publish author name.

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