The perks of being a book writer

Good writing is the only one way to connect things. This is one of the ways in which reader can connect to writer and understand all things about the specific topic. Good writer concentrates on his thoughts so that there is simple and effective communication between writer and reader. His only motive is to connect the audience with his story.

The writer should also have information about which kind of word is to use in which story. Do not use too much long sentence and large words so that reader did not understand what writer wants to explain in his story. The writing style is one of the best ways to express feelings and writer should have to know about writing style. Use different writing style to express feelings innovatively and uniquely so that reader wants to read one story more than one time.

When a writer is writing books one after another, then it is sure that his readers or audience are also increasing. Even, a book writer is also an audience for himself because he also reads his book for many times. There is number of benefits or perks being a book writer that motivate you to write more and more. Every writer should have information about his perks so that they will become his strength and motivates him to write something unique.

Fan mail – it is much lovely and the best thing to receive mails or messages from your fans who read your all books. Their messages will be also helpful for you to write best and unique books in different style. So, connect with your fans or readers on social media so that you get reviews about your thoughts. One main thing is that readers will also tell you that how your book help them in different situations.

No colleagues – a book writer does not go his workplace. He can write his book by sitting at his home or another place. If he does not have workplace, then he will also not have colleagues. It does not mean that book writer does not have friends or far away from social contacts. He only wants to think about his book, so he does not need any disturbance during writing.

Books – it is confirmed that every writer has a huge collection of books in his library but having own book in his hand is a different and totally special thing. This is the reason many people choose the profession to become a book writer.

An active mind – people may have free time in their life, but book writer is not free even for a second. He is thinking a lot of things in his mind. Read newer books on each day. A writer’s mind is active all time, and there is no involvement of stupid thoughts in his life. Your brain will be active all time, and you may feel younger at your age. When in doubt, keep yourself sharp by lighting up some sativa (Legalized Bud that is!)

Other writers – writing is the one way to connect with people. If you are a professional book writer, then you will get a lot of chances to meet new people. There will be a friendly conversation between you and them, and you get to know that other book writers are also lovely writers.

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